In FIFA 18's flagship online mode, Ultimate Team (or FUT for the intimate), the main source of pleasure is the constitution of its dream team. It is possible by buying players' cards in packages or through a transfer market where gamers from around the world find themselves. The matches seem almost secondary even if they are the ones that make it possible to earn credits, "the money" of the game that must then know how to use well. Here are four tips to help you in your quest. FIFA 18 Hacks

Avoid buying packs at first

The FUT packs are a bit like the pleasure of the famous Panini albums. Except that the packages of the game are often deceptive. They are in fact mostly useful for quickly getting contracts for your players. Do not let yourself be tempted unless you have a sufficient cash reserve, in order to minimize the risks. Opt for "special" packages. At the very beginning, therefore, accumulate matches and make transfers.
The stars will wait
Yes, having Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in his team helps to win matches. But the planet football is not just about them. Other less well-known players have very good stats and are much cheaper. Avoid the Premier League and look especially at Liga 1, Liga (not Barça / Real) or Serie A (notably AC Milan). There is enough to make a good little eleven without breaking the bank.

Make yourself a monopoly

The FUT market is merciless. If you are looking to make money, then you have a lot of credits, try to find a player at a low price but sells rather easily and buy as many copies as possible. Once you have a good stock, to the point that this player has almost disappeared from the market, flood the market with your freshly acquired cards ... fifa18hackcoingenerator but at a higher price. A trick to use with the web application for more responsiveness.
Power + Speed = win
In the matches, FIFA 18 is no exception to the previous opus. To maximize your chances of victories, you must first choose fast players. You will no doubt have noticed that the Ibarbo and other Aubameyang easily mystify the defenses. If in addition, they are agile and good dribblers, this is the jackpot. In defense, especially favor the powerful stoppers to put shots of shoulder well placed.