After opening his own Pandora's box, which in the game turns out to be the gates of a sanctuary connected to the underworld (I have already explained the etymology in another article), our bloodthirsty warrior will take pride and become no longer than the shadow of itself (yes, it was easy!). Reduced to a silhouette, the character you are going to take in hand will have to fight in several areas to close these evil doers.
While the third version of Shadow Fight is waiting, and since we Astuce Shadow Fight 3 learned that it will be released not only on mobile phones but also on console / PC (Xbox One / S & W10), we could only stamp on our tatami we have re-installed a version 2 of the saga to sharpen our reflexes and chain sharp and blunt combos.
Nippon, nor bad ... just plain excellent!
Despite its three years of age, just like good wine as it ages, SF2 remains, without doubt, the best 2D mobile game in recent years. The Shadow Fight series promises long hours of fighting with bare hands, first and then with white weapons more and more effective with the sword ... er ... fights. If you add to this the ability to appeal to magic to defeat your toughest opponents then you fully grasp the full potential of this free app available on Android and iOS.
A realization that shades all 2D combat games
 At first glance, one could say that a game in Chinese shadows could not compete with those in its category. Except that from the very first movements, which we chain together with happiness, we Shadow Fight 3 Hack Tool perceive the roughly well-considered effectiveness of this frankness. Two buttons (one for the upper body, the other for kicks) and the directional stick are enough to attack, parry and move (rolls, double jump) with happiness.
So, for a game released in 2014, and waiting for the third opus of the saga (2017), SF2 gets out of hand. Add to this that it is available for free downloading on your favorite mobile platform and you will have no excuse to try it.

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